MANTIS radio hosted by DVNT and Yukka



    Round 2. Official. Up this month, not one, but two showcase mixes. First up Jnr Hacksaw and a filth laded breakwhob fest. Trigger warmup special. After that aural assault the heaviness is increased to make way for Zilla’s latest alias: King Cannibal. Storming mix, fairly relentless by all accounts, yet cut and stuck together by a master at work.

    Solo show for DVNT this time, Yukka was held up due to travel problems. He’ll be back next time. Fair range of stuff dropped by DVNT, including Cybersonik, Jeff Mills, Caspa, Beber, Alex Smoke, Silken and Virus Syndicate.

    Get in touch, let us know your comments. Full tracklistings right here

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  • MANTIS 001.1


    Not an official MANTIS broadcast, but a stand in for Katanga and his Hubnet Promotions show. No showcase mix this time, just DVNT and Yukka dishing the beats.

    Full tracklisting here.

    Suffice to say we got through a fair few tunes including Markomen, Boxcutter, Cursor Miner, Scan One, Si Begg, the Art of Noise, Tipper, Klaus and Pinch. Few little technical problems and not as programmed as we would have liked but it’s not a bad show truth be told. Comments, suggestions and spam welcome. Get in touch.

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    We are MANTIS, the latest and newest radio show to join the Brap.FM family. Presented by DVNT and Yukka.

    For our first show we bring a showcase from Combat Recordings head, the formidable STORMFIELD. Fresh dubs from the label as well as fresh Scorn, Autechre, Scanone and Dolphin.

    On top of that both DVNT and Yukka deliver a 30min mix of their dancefloor stylings, with a few exclusives thrown in, including the heart stopping whob fest that is the Bassbin Twins and Woppa.

    Full tracklistings here.

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