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MANTIS 001.1. 24th May 2007.

June 11, 2007

MANTIS broadcast 24th May 2007 18:00GMT on Brap.FM

An unofficial broadcast for us as it was a stand-in show for Katanga. So no showcase this time, just DVNT and Yukka presenting some fresh beats.

Markomen, Cursor Miner, ScanOne, Andy Page, Tipper, Caspa, the Art of Noise and a few other treats.

Full tracklisting, archive and podcast available, just click here.


MANTIS 001. 12th May 2007.

June 11, 2007


The first MANTIS broadcast on Brap.FM, featuring a showcase mix from Combat Recordings main man, Stormfield. A wide range of tastes, genres and styles on offer.

Full tracklistings from Stormfield, DVNT and Yukka avaliable, as well as the archive and podcast.

Click here

12th May 2007 15:00GMT on