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latest Legoman install. 3Destruct

June 15, 2007

One to watch is Legoman. Love his VJ/graphics styles and as the video shows he’s really innovative with the installs. These are some pictures from the “Biennale d’art contemporain” from Louvain la Neuve in Belgium (Thomas Vaquié and Jérémie Peeters also helped with this setup)

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polar clock.

June 12, 2007

Very simple, very nice. Would be wicked as a screensaver. And you know what. It is

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tetris gameshow. ok…

June 11, 2007

Discovered earlier today. Looks like a right laugh. Clearly they are obsessed, or putting something in the water. Either way those costumes are damn sexy. haha.



post number 1. an introduction of sorts.

June 11, 2007

It’s Monday. It’s muggy but grey and overcast. And I feel as fresh as I always do at this time of the week.

Been meaning to get myself a proper blog for a while. If only to increase my internet ego and have yet another place to let my random outbursts of dribble I don’t want my missus to bear witness to.

Primary use for this blog joint thang is to present the cool, subjective of course, things I come across in my day to day work avoiding forum whoring. I lose track of some of the more interesting stuff I find. Get interrupted with having to do my actual job.

Yea. You all know how it is.

Anyways. Let’s see how this thing develops.

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