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Scanner and D-Fuse

October 8, 2007

Scanner on audio and D-Fuse on visual. Enjoy.


Brian Eno’s 77 million paintings

July 5, 2007

The North American premiere of 77 Million Paintings was presented by San Francisco’s Long Now Foundation, an art collective established to pursue projects promoting a “slower and better” worldview. The show is one of Eno’s “generative” works. He loads his images and sounds onto a computer, which plays them back randomly as an infinite set of permutations – hence the title.

The audio-visual installation, 77 Million Paintings, has been shown in various forms in Venice, Tokyo and London. The San Francisco installation is the largest yet.

Personally I hope this comes back to the UK as it’s something I am very interested in seeing and developing my systems close to it for performance. It is reassuring to know there is an audience for this type of work, of this size.

There is a video of this if you scroll down into this entry.

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July 3, 2007

“A luminous interactive installation has transformed the V&A’s John Madejski Garden this winter. Volume is a sculpture of light and sound, an array of light columns positioned dramatically in the centre of the garden.”

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the light surgeons.

June 15, 2007

Going through the old bookmarks of my PC HD and came across these; some excellent AV work by the Light Surgeons. Have yet to catch them live myself, but only heard good things. Check out these 4 videos (click for for videos at the bottom) Enjoy.


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